PRESS RELEASE: Racist murder attempt against a trans woman in Thessaloniki. The perpetrator was detained.


Athens, July 18, 2014

Racist murder attempt against a trans woman in Thessaloniki. The perpetrator was detained


The Greek Transgender Support Association, a recognized non-profit organization for the support the of the rights of the trans community, notifies with this press release about the transphobic murder attempt against a trans woman in Thessaloniki.

More specifically, while a trans woman was returning to her home at the early hours of July 16th, she was approached by a car and the driver offered to take her home. When she refused, he started calling her names and then pushed her by force inside the car holding her by the neck and punching her all over her body.

Then he drove the car to a deserted place, forced her out, dragged her by force to an one meter in height wall and started beating and dragging her here and there on the ground causing multiple abrasions all over her body and then grabbed her by the neck and put one hand over her mouth and nose so as not to call for help or be able to breathe.

After taking 30 euros she had in her purse, he speeded away from the spot leaving the trans woman in a desperate state with bruises and blood all over her body. The woman, while being under attack and in a state of shock, succeeded to memorize the car’s plates number and later on reported the incident at the Democracy Square Police Station of Thessaloniki.

The perpetrator was identified and arrested after the police ordered a direct search and a forensic report on the woman’s wounds, while the homicide department conducted a preliminary investigation on the incident.

The Greek Transgender Support Association’s local branch was immediately informed and activated taking all the necessary steps to offer psychological support and security to the victim of this racist murder attempt that had all the evidence of a fascist behavior too and secondly asked Mrs. Elleana Ioannidou and Mrs. Catherine Georgiadis to offer their legal support. The two lawyers rushed in voluntarily at the victim’s side.

Indeed, today Friday, July 18th, the offender is held in custody in custody after he was interrogated by the police officers.

We are deeply expressing our gratitude to both lawyers, Mrs. Elleana Ioannidou and Mrs. Catherine Georgiadis who took care attended and will legally supported pro bono the victim at this stage, and also during all the procedure.

The Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA) will closely follow the case in all of its stages and will offer its moral, psychological and legal support to the victim.

However on this occasion, we must put forward two issues:

1. The issue of a revision of the Presidential Decree on the Establishment of Offices to Combat Racial Violence, an issue that must now include sexual orientation and, especially, gender identity for the effective investigation and combat of transphobic crimes that are racist biased. 1

2. The transposition of the European Parliament Directive «to ensure the rights of victims of crimes across the EU» that was passed in September 2012 and clearly includes sexual orientation and gender identity. 2






[2] and

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