Press Release: «Criminal racist hate attack against a trans woman in Evia».

Athens, 4 May 2015



Criminal racist hate attack against a trans woman in Evia

Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA), a recognized association for the support of the rights of the trans* community, strongly denounces the transphobic attack against a trans woman and her friend, who defended her while she was attacked in a night club in Evia by a team of five people and the owner; actions that typify many felonies and a series of other criminal offences against them, as well as against the Police officers that not only violated their duties when called, but also participated in criminal racist acts and tortured the trans woman.

We quote a verbatim of her written complaint:

In the early hours of Saturday 2/5/2015, I was with two friends in a night club located at Psachna Evia to celebrate my birthday. Suddenly and without any reason, the club’s waiter told us to pay and leave, because, as he told us: “the boss does not like faggots and trannies in his establishment”.

I felt humiliated, deeply offended and I did not wanted to be in a place where I had to come face to face with such hostile and racist behaviour; so I paid the bill and informed the waiter that I would leave as soon as my girlfriend comes back from the rest room because otherwise she could be upset for not finding us in our table. The waiter nodded to the owner who came along with five other persons. The three of them violently pushed me and started to slap me in the face and I lost my balance and fall to the floor. While I was lying on the floor they kicked me all over my body, including my face, calling me “tranny” and “bloody faggot”.

My friend tried to stop them and he was attacked with punches too. Actually, one of the five persons pulled a knife and stabbed him in the hand. In the meantime my girlfriend, who came back from the rest room, helped me stand on my feet and took me outside the club, while one of our attackers violently pushed my friend B down the stairs.

I came out in a completely shocked state, and called the Police in order to denounce the racist and phobic attack against me and my friend and to file a lawsuit. The Police officer took only the owner of the club to the Police Station and refused to arrest the other five offenders who acted in a brutal and criminal way against us.

We were led to Artaki Police Station where I asked the Officer on Duty to arrest the five other persons that had attacked us. I was asked to show my ID card and when he realized that I am a trans woman he exclaimed: “Are you a tranny?” I replied that I am a transgendered / trans person, that I had undergone a gender reassignment surgery, that the court has already ordered for a change of my official documents but I have not yet issued a new Identity Card. Then he laughed sarcastically. I told him that I will denounce this incident to the human rights organization I belong, GTSA, and he replied: “I don’t give a damn about it, here I am in charge!”. While waiting to file a complaint, I asked for a glass of water and to open the window so as to have some fresh air, but no one paid any attention to me. I was literary in a psychological and physical shock because of the attack and fainted twice while I was giving my testimony on the event. They only called an ambulance the second time I’ve lost my senses. I was taken in a state of shock and with difficulties in breathing, because I suffer from asthma, to Chalkida Hospital where my injured friend was already there.

My friend B.T., who was witness in the incident, has a document from the hospital regarding the wound in his hand where it clearly shows that he was attacked with a sharp object. I have bruises all over my body and strong migraines from this unprovoked racist attack. It is also worth to mention that one of the gang of five that attacked and wounded us had a swastika tattoo in his nape. Furthermore, one of the Police Officers (the one who took us to the Police Station) told his colleagues the second time that I’ve fainted “get this rag-person on her feet!”. Finally, during the owner’s testimony, he went to the balcony with a Police Officer and came back with his blouse torn to pieces claiming that “he was battered and we had torn his blouse”, apparently wanting to incriminate us for something we never did and because we could never lay our hands on him because we were only two and had to defend ourselves against five persons, that were six actually counting up the owner too, and obviously in a weak position.

It is worth mentioning that the owner had the nerve to sue the trans woman when she denounced his and his friends serious criminal acts to the police, and in doing so the victim was temporarily arrested. Furthermore, here was no arrest of the perpetrators, nor the owner nor his gang of five persons.

Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA) has already denounced this racist attack, proceeded in all necessary actions to protect the victim, but mostly for the prosecution of the gang of five persons who attacked the trans woman and against the owner for numerous felonies committed, like unprovoked attack, verbal insults, attacks against personality, threats to life and serious injuries, all motivated by a racist hatred on the grounds of gender identity, as well as against the officers for breaching their duties and neglected to arrest the five attackers of the trans woman and her friend, for not proceeding to take direct actions according to the Greek Penal Code, for brutally insulting a personality on the grounds of gender identity, and instead of defending the victim of this unprovoked violent attack turned against the trans woman, an action that constitutes torture. We warmly thank Thanassis Tartis, lawyer, who is already informed of the incident and has already undertaken the case.

Last but not least, Greek Transgender Support Association will take all necessary steps to effectively combat racist crimes on the grounds of gender identity and expression, but also against the police arbitrariness that, as this case shows, instead of protecting the victims they directly collaborated with the perpetrators and submitted the trans woman in conditions of torture.

The Board of Directors
Greek Transgender Support Association (GTSA)

~ από Σωματείο Υποστήριξης Διεμφυλικών στο 5 Μαΐου, 2015.

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