PRESS RELEASE: «Perpetrators of the hate attack against trans women in Thessaloniki were sentenced to 17 months imprisonment».

Athens, September 24, 2015



Subject: «Perpetrators of the hate attack against trans women in Thessaloniki were sentenced to 17 months imprisonment».

The Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A) a recognized ngo for the support of the rights of the trans community in Greece, with this press release discloses the sentencing to 17 months imprisonment of the two perpetrators for the racist attack on trans woman.

A brief reminder of the case: At the early hours of Saturday, September 19, approximately 00:15, two trans women were in the cafe located near the train station in Thessaloniki. In the same cafe were two men about 35 years old who harassed one of them. She did not respond and the two men attacked her without any provocation, they began to punch her entire body and face. The second trans woman tried to help her, she called the police, and they started hitting her in the legs. They continued to punch her with rage and they stopped only when the police car arrived. They fled the scene leaving one trans woman bleeding on the sidewalk. The police acted immediately and the two perpetrators were arrested after a while. The trans woman was transited to AHEPA hospital in shock, with broken teeth and bruises on her face. They provided first aid and she was discharged on Saturday afternoon. Police officers rushed to the hospital, the tran woman gave her full statement for the attack, and was referred for forensic examination.

The Greek Transgender Support Association acted immediately and the perpetrators were sentenced today Thursday, September 24th from the court of Thessaloniki to seventeen months imprisonment. It is worth noting that both the police and the court to intervene in the civil action, addressed both the victims and the witness that were both trans women, using the gender consistent with their gender identity and not their registered gender, also during the hearing it was mentioned that the crime was hate motivated on the grounds of gender identity, it was pointed out by counsel for civil action and we believe that was taken into account when determining the sentence.

We thank the lawyers Katerina Georgiadou and Eleanna Ioannidou that were responsible for the legal case and handled it successfully.

The Greek Transgender Support Association declares its commitment to the defend victims of hate crimes on the grounds of gender identity or expression, while sounding the alarm as attacks against trans women are rising alarmingly, as we have pointed out repeatedly.

We reiterate once again to the Greek Government that it must act immediately to tackle racist crime and to ensure that law enforcement authorities register early, from the submission of the accusation, of any circumstances or suspected victim or any witnesses mentioning hate motive on the ground of gender identity, in order for the accusation to be examined from the judicial authorities. Also, with the amendment of Presidential Decree setting up offices Handling of Racist Violence by adding gender identity and to incorporate into Greek law the Convention of Constantinople to address gender violence in an inclusive way for reasons of gender identity and to respond to the request of legal recognition of gender identity that is made by the trans community.


The Board of Directors



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