PRESS RELEASE: “Meeting of representatives of LGBTQI organizations with the President of Centre-Right Political Party, New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis”.

Athens, 12 July 2017


Subject: “Meeting of representatives of LGBTQI organizations with the President of Centre-Right Political Party, New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis”.

The “Greek Transgender Support Association” (GTSA) a recognized non-governmental, voluntary organization for the rights of transgender people, with this press release, informs about the planned meeting of representatives of LGBTQI organizations of civil society, with the president of Centre-Right Political Party, New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The meeting was held yesterday, Tuesday, July 11 and lasted for about two hours, except of representatives of “Greek Transgender Support Association” was also took part representatives of other organizations such as: OLKE, Colour Youth, Rainbow Families, Proud Parents, Athens Pride and Thessaloniki Pride.

The President of New Democracy welcomed the representatives of organizations and opening up the debate by saying that he hopes that this meeting would be the starting point for a sincere dialogue, a context of communication that New Democracy is constantly pursuing with the society.

From their part, the representatives of the organizations informed Mr. Mitsotakis on a number of issues and in particular on the issues about discrimination and violence that LGBTQI people are facing, through distinctive examples of discrimination and violations of fundamental rights, while the representatives of GTSA analyzed the parameters which make it imperative to legislate the legal recognition of gender identity through simple, fast, transparent, non-bureaucratic processes, changing documents based on self-identification, but also the points that the proposed draft law requires modifications and improvements, with more important the change in an out-of-court administrative procedure, removing restrictive provisions that set a framework for over-regulation, such as issues of childhood, restriction to married people and the inability to change the birth certificates of potential children on the gender and names of their parents, as well as the lack of predictions on specific issues of dealing with the discrimination that facing our community.

The President of New Democracy, acknowledged that transgender people are largely experiencing exclusions in the workplace, while he added that he sees positively the passage of the draft law in principle. You can also see the relevant ND announcement here:

The Greek Transgender Support Association is always at the disposal of all democratic political parties and institutions to inform about the discrimination and exclusions that transgender community is facing and the assertion of the fundamental rights and freedoms for transgender people.





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