A moral victory for Trangenders in Greece.

«A moral victory for Trangenders in Greece

According to a press release by the “Greek Transgendered Support Association” a recent decision of the Court of First Instance in Athens affirms the application of Article 14 of the European Convention for Human Rights (prohibition of discrimination) to transgender persons.

Specifically, according to Decision 7646/2010, the Athens First Instance Court in examining the request for the recognition of the the “Greek Transgendered Support Association” issued in December 2010 and delivered  in January 2011, acknowledged the pertinent application of Article 14 of the European Convention for Human Rights, which refers to the prohibition of discrimination.

It should be emphasized that Article 14 of the European Convention prohibits discrimination on grounds of sex, race, color, language, religion, political or other types of beliefs, ethnic or social origin, association with ethnic minority, property, birth or other category,  and there is no explicit reference to gender identity.

This reference to the decision is a sound first step towards the implementation of European Legislation against discrimination for transgender persons, matching in full the recent decision of the European Court for Human Rights in the case of P.V. against Spain, where the European Court acknowledged that gender identity constitutes an issue on which discrimination is prohibited by Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.


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