– Syriza requests the recognition of Transsexuals

«SYRIZA requests the recognition of Transexuals».

Iro Dioti, a representative of Greek leftists party SYRIZA, asked for the recognition of “gender identity” and the protection of transsexual persons against discrimination and racism, through a question tabled in the Greek Parliament.

The MP asked the Ministers of Justice, Labour and Interior, whether they are willing to take all necessary initiatives for the revision of Law 3896/2010, in a way that an explicit reference to discrimination based on gender and “gender identity”   is included.

In addition, she asked for the necessary legal revisions that the option is given to s transsexual persons, to change legal i.d. documents, whether or not they have gone through sex change operation.

Finally, Ms Dioti asked the Minister of Justice whether he intends to include a reference to gender identity within the draft law “Addressing racism and xenophobia by means of the Penal Code” in a way that the rights of transexual persons are defended.


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